A bad RP blog draws near!

27 Sep


Now, if you’ve ever wanted to ask a Dragon Quest slime a question, you can do so here! If this page gets attention, it’ll stay. I  might even make it a multi-character ask blog too. Ask away!


Finn Bag

10 Sep

I made this Adventure Time bag a while back. It’s not the best, but I like it.
I fixed the Tumblr link for this photo, so go there already. This site is sort of living off its dregs now. Followers- go there and drop me a line to say if you’re following it or not, cos if some of you switch, I won’t have to post so much here.

King Slime Plushie

4 Sep

The King Slime is complete (nearly)!

You can head to my Tumblr site through this pic for more. Do it already. (Contains approx 300% more posts!)


Slime Plushies

30 Aug

Here are two plushies I made. Right now I’m making a King Slime.

You can head to my Tumblr site through these pics.

ShinobiKid’s Backloggery

20 Aug

ShinobiKid’s Backloggery.

What might this be?

All my games, conveniently listed on one page?

Why yes it is! Although I haven’t finished adding games.

Help me choose what to play (and perhaps review)!

19 Aug

I feel like trying something new (or old)… help me decide!! (Feel free to recommend  other games, espec. old JRPGS) You can vote each hour for as many as you want.

Dragon Quest Wars Papercraft Boardgame V0.1

19 Aug

I’m back, but don’t be too excited, it’s just more Dragon Quest stuff. After playing Dragon Quest Wars on DS, I realised how much fun it would be as a boardgame. Here are the beginnings of the realization of that thought. This beta set consists of one team of monsters and a board. More to come soon. Credit goes to Davias and Bean for the DQ Monsters sprites. Hopefully I’ll finish it in one to two weeks. Low-res original here.

Check the progress!

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