Special Miis (Japan Only)

11 May

Uh, here are two Special Mii QR codes. Of, uh, Coach Matsuoka and Coach Sugiyama, two Japanese celebrities (I presume) advertising Mario Tennis Open. I actually don’t know who these people are, but hey, Special Miis! Oh, wait, they only work on Japanese 3DSs. What? (Anyone capable of recognizing these people, please help! I’ve just shown my extreme lack of knowledge about Japanese culture, again. I think.)


One Response to “Special Miis (Japan Only)”

  1. akose May 11, 2012 at 5:45 am #

    I think they are Shuzo Matsuoka and Ai Sugiyama – both Japanese tennis players who now do some form of coaching for children. I had no idea who they were but tennis players seem the most likely people from searching their surnames.

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