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Comic #3

4 Jun

The first chapter cover. These are meant to be once a week! What’s going on? This cover hopefully gives you a better glimpse of the art style.


Cave Story Comic #1

2 Jun

Here starts a long series of badly but lovingly drawn/Photoshopped black and white fan comic based on the best game to ever exist. If these do well I’ll set up a secondary blog for them. (Hey look- I have!) I recently re-hooked myself on Cave Story, and can’t wait for the remastered Cave Story + on 3DS. Please comment as as this is a fresh series, anything could happen!

cave story comic

Manga Translation: Ape Escape Monkey Battle

23 May

Okay, so it’s only one page of the totally bananas (see what I did there?) manga Sarugetchu: Ukiuki Daisakusen (based on the Ape Escape videogames), but it’s my first shot at a translation.

I personally love this CoroCoro series despite its terrible juvenile humour, although it ended October last year. It was pretty much a collection of themed 4-panel collections and ran for 12 years.

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