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Calciobit Artwork Looks Like It Would “Feel” Good

20 Jun

With a new website for the relatively unknown 3DS follow-up to the relatively unknown Japan exclusive GBA soccer management game Calciobit comes new art. Phew. Those pixels seem so tangible. It reminds me of the 8bitscapes I posted a while back. I just wanna reach into the screen. Those tiny soccer players seem they would feel like, uh, the pieces on that old Berserk board game. Ok, better shut up since nobody has a clue about what I’m talking about. The new site is below.

ポケットサッカーリーグ カルチョビット.



26 May

Niiiiiiiice. Oh, please me, don’t begin shameless reblogging! That’s why you are getting a tumblr account! More at the link.

Source:Get Out Of Our Real World, Video Game Characters, You Look Too Good | Kotaku Australia.

Hilariously Ironic SNES Controller is Hilariously Ironic

26 May

shaped like a megadrive TT_TTThis Megadrive styled controller was developed by Hudson Soft (then Honey Bee) for the SNES. Now, if the only reason you would choose the Megadrive of the SNES was because it had “better” controllers (ahem), change your mind! I personally find the real Megadrive controllers really comfortable, but that’s probably because I grew up with them. Anyway, look at all those switches! MIND BL000000WN!

Zelda LEGO: A Reality?

7 May

See this post.

Well, 10,000 votes has been reached. This means that LEGO is contacting Nintendo about this! Hooray! But it still isn’t guaranteed. Not at all.

Minecraft LEGO

12 Apr

Yes, I know this has been floating around for a while now, but I neglected to put it on my site. Minecraft LEGO, something people have been waiting for for ages, has been announced. In fact, you can preorder it (ships Summer) through J!INX now. It was given support through LEGO CUUSOO, a site where members of the public can create set ideas, and if they reach 10,000 supports (the magic number!), they will attempt to make it a reality. We need this Zelda LEGO now! If it gets 10,000 supports before Zelda 3DS is released, who knows, Nintendo might want it! Get supporting!

Kid Icarus Uprising NES Sprites Part Two

4 Apr

Here are reworked NES sprites, done in the original style, of  the Fiend’s Cauldron and a Mimicutie treasure chest.


(Feel free to use them, just please notify me by leaving a comment.) Part One of these posts is located here.

This is how I imagined the Fiend’s Cauldron would have looked like on the NES.

Kid Icarus AR Cards (Japanese)

25 Mar

Does anyone know whether the North American game can scan these? Hey, it can!

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