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A bad RP blog draws near!

27 Sep

Now, if you’ve ever wanted to ask a Dragon Quest slime a question, you can do so here! If this page gets attention, it’ll stay. I  might even make it a multi-character ask blog too. Ask away!


Finn Bag

10 Sep

I made this Adventure Time bag a while back. It’s not the best, but I like it.
I fixed the Tumblr link for this photo, so go there already. This site is sort of living off its dregs now. Followers- go there and drop me a line to say if you’re following it or not, cos if some of you switch, I won’t have to post so much here.

King Slime Plushie

4 Sep

The King Slime is complete (nearly)!

You can head to my Tumblr site through this pic for more. Do it already. (Contains approx 300% more posts!)


Slime Plushies

30 Aug

Here are two plushies I made. Right now I’m making a King Slime.

You can head to my Tumblr site through these pics.

Cave Story Comic #2

3 Jun

Number two of the series. This will continue at a much slower rate from now on, not one a day.

A Peaceful Robot: A Cave Story Fan Comic

Number 2. Not as great as the first one, but it’s gonna fluctuate anyway.

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26 May

Niiiiiiiice. Oh, please me, don’t begin shameless reblogging! That’s why you are getting a tumblr account! More at the link.

Source:Get Out Of Our Real World, Video Game Characters, You Look Too Good | Kotaku Australia.

Perpetual Testing Initiative (Level Editor) Released Free For Portal 2

11 May

Yeah, this is old news, but I thought I’d just point it out. It’s a really good piece of software (apart from long loads between testing and designing) that covers pretty much everything. And it’s free. Check it out on the Portal 2 home page.

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