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23 Feb

I made 300 views in just over a week since I made 200!



13 Feb

OH WOW! 200 VIEWS! Hopefully I’ll have something meaningful to say tomorrow.

Pullblox – Pushmo Papercraft

19 Jan

Here is a little papercraft project I made. It’s of the first Pullblox/Pushmo puzzle. You need to print it off quite large, or risk a fiddly model. I recommend cutting Mallo’s tabs a little since I made them a bit too long.

(click to enlarge)

The Pushmo/Pullblox split is bugging me. Which title do you prefer? Comment! Also please tell me if I could do anything to improve this model.

Nearly forgot to mention: 10 post goal reached! Achievement GET!

Achievement GET!

5 Jan

I have reached the first 5 post goal! And I get…


Except a 10 post goal. Quickly! I need it! And I need to catch every king-sized fish in AR Fishing! It’s so addictive!

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