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Pokemon AR Searcher Details

17 Jun

Nintendo has revealed a lot of new info about AR Searcher on the Japanese official site. The mystery Pokemon from earler posts has been revealed as, er, Torneus’ new form. It’s odd to say the least. I originally thought this looked like a great game. But  now, I don’t know about it. The first thing that struck me is the pointless story. Dream clouds? What? Then I saw the gameplay video (see the  official site). That animation… is that finished? Ugh. I no longer have any plans to buy this game to be honest, even though I want more AR games, especially shooters. Six days to change my mind, Nintendo.


Pokemon AR Searcher

25 Apr

A Pokemon AR game for the Japanese eShop. No word of it being released here yet. It appears to be some kind of Pokemon Face Raiders, where you battle Pokemon and send them to Black 2 and White 2. It won’t be available on DSi and so you’ll have to play BW2 on a 3DS to get these extra Pokemon. Additionally, it launches on the same day as BW2. Sneaky, Nintendo, sneaky. Hopefully I’ll have some good screens soon.

Kid Icarus AR Cards (Japanese)

25 Mar

Does anyone know whether the North American game can scan these? Hey, it can!

Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards

22 Mar

So far, I’ve seen several ways of distributing them, including:

Free pack of three at Club Nintendo


Through chocolate packages (Japan)

CoroCoro (4) (Japan)

Nintendo Power

-And lots of magazines pamphlets etc in Japan. A list here.

Hopefully that will be my last Kid Icarus post for a while. Now I’ll turn my attention to Spirit Camera!

Achievement GET!

5 Jan

I have reached the first 5 post goal! And I get…


Except a 10 post goal. Quickly! I need it! And I need to catch every king-sized fish in AR Fishing! It’s so addictive!

AR Card PaperCraft

4 Jan

Here is a 3D papercraft model of the 3DS blank AR card. It’s my first attempt at papercraft, so bear with. You can use it to take some awesome glitchy photos! MPOs may be posted soon.

Here is the design:

Cut it out, fold the cube, and pop it onto the blank card. Happy AR-ing!

Any feedback, please leave a comment.

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