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Pokemon AR Searcher Details

17 Jun

Nintendo has revealed a lot of new info about AR Searcher on the Japanese official site. The mystery Pokemon from earler posts has been revealed as, er, Torneus’ new form. It’s odd to say the least. I originally thought this looked like a great game. But  now, I don’t know about it. The first thing that struck me is the pointless story. Dream clouds? What? Then I saw the gameplay video (see the  official site). That animation… is that finished? Ugh. I no longer have any plans to buy this game to be honest, even though I want more AR games, especially shooters. Six days to change my mind, Nintendo.


3 New Pokemon Forms

12 May

Tornadus, Landorus and Thunderus have all been given new forms in the upcoming Pokemon games Black and White 2. Are they Fusion Pokemon? Who did they fuse with? Here they are on the cover of CoroCoro. (Sadly I don’t get CoroCoro for a few weeks yet, but I’ll post then.) Click the cover for info at Pokebeach.


Pokemon AR Searcher

25 Apr

A Pokemon AR game for the Japanese eShop. No word of it being released here yet. It appears to be some kind of Pokemon Face Raiders, where you battle Pokemon and send them to Black 2 and White 2. It won’t be available on DSi and so you’ll have to play BW2 on a 3DS to get these extra Pokemon. Additionally, it launches on the same day as BW2. Sneaky, Nintendo, sneaky. Hopefully I’ll have some good screens soon.

Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Stuff

25 Apr

I thought I’d just point out a few things about the new Pokemon games that have been released in CoroCoro and on the new website. My Japanese isn’t that great, so there could be some mistakes.

B2W2 take place 2 years after the original. Part of the region has been covered with ice. Note that Black Kyurem and White Kyurem are both Dragon/Ice types. Mysterious!

Pokemon from previous games are now present in Unova, including 1st gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen and 4th gen Pokemon on top of the current ones. Unova appears to have changed quite a lot- you start out in a new city, Hiougi City, in the south-west portion of the map.

There is also a theater-like building that appears to have some weird Mecha Pokemon movies in it. Are they interactive? Anyway, I’ll try to update this soon, and if you see anything, alert me!


Pokemon Black and White 2

29 Feb

The supposed cover Pokemon for Black and White 2, NOT Grey. Which doesn’t exist.

Don’t they look like… Kyurem??


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