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WarioWare DIY Microgame

23 May

Hey! Listen! You’ve got one day left to download my awesomely incredible and incredibly awesome microgame!


YESSS! I won a competition!

Rmember that Design Challenge they had monthly in WarioWare DIY? You could submit microgames and if they were selected, anyone could download them. Well, if you have a European copy of the game (not sure of USA) it’s still running. And I won one! If you go into Theme Games before 25/5/2012, you can download my awesome Kid Icarus microgame. I have no idea how it was selected as a winner (maybe no-one plays anymore) but it’s okay anyway. You have to use A and B to shoot the reaper in the back without him seeing you. So if you have a copy of this somewhere under a rug/couch/manga collection/toilet seat, go get it before it’s too late.

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Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards

22 Mar

So far, I’ve seen several ways of distributing them, including:

Free pack of three at Club Nintendo


Through chocolate packages (Japan)

CoroCoro (4) (Japan)

Nintendo Power

-And lots of magazines pamphlets etc in Japan. A list here.

Hopefully that will be my last Kid Icarus post for a while. Now I’ll turn my attention to Spirit Camera!

Kid Icarus Uprising OST

18 Mar

Available 22/3 from Club Nintendo Japan is an Official Soundtrack Kid Icarus Uprising CD, here, for just 400 points. Looks pretty cool, although I haven’t heard any of the music yet.

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