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Dragon Quest Wars Papercraft Boardgame V0.1

19 Aug

I’m back, but don’t be too excited, it’s just more Dragon Quest stuff. After playing Dragon Quest Wars on DS, I realised how much fun it would be as a boardgame. Here are the beginnings of the realization of that thought. This beta set consists of one team of monsters and a board. More to come soon. Credit goes to Davias and Bean for the DQ Monsters sprites. Hopefully I’ll finish it in one to two weeks. Low-res original here.

Check the progress!


Just a A Tiled Background GIF

1 Aug

I’ve been occupied with other things recently and so haven’t had time to update. One of those things has been playing Dragon Quest IX. I liked those backgrounds so much that I loaded PSE and made this. Enjoy. Let’s give credit: GrimDotGames for the sprites. Feel free to use this, and tell me where you did!

WarioWare DIY Microgame

23 May

Hey! Listen! You’ve got one day left to download my awesomely incredible and incredibly awesome microgame!


YESSS! I won a competition!

Rmember that Design Challenge they had monthly in WarioWare DIY? You could submit microgames and if they were selected, anyone could download them. Well, if you have a European copy of the game (not sure of USA) it’s still running. And I won one! If you go into Theme Games before 25/5/2012, you can download my awesome Kid Icarus microgame. I have no idea how it was selected as a winner (maybe no-one plays anymore) but it’s okay anyway. You have to use A and B to shoot the reaper in the back without him seeing you. So if you have a copy of this somewhere under a rug/couch/manga collection/toilet seat, go get it before it’s too late.

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3 New Pokemon Forms

12 May

Tornadus, Landorus and Thunderus have all been given new forms in the upcoming Pokemon games Black and White 2. Are they Fusion Pokemon? Who did they fuse with? Here they are on the cover of CoroCoro. (Sadly I don’t get CoroCoro for a few weeks yet, but I’ll post then.) Click the cover for info at Pokebeach.


Professor Layton FreakyForm

15 Jan

It’s Layton!

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