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Kid Icarus Uprising NES Sprites Part One

17 Mar

Here are reworked NES sprites, done on the original style, of Tempura Wizard and Dark Pit. (Feel free to use them, just please notify me by leaving a comment.)  Part Two of these posts is located here.


Tempura Wizard In Kid Icarus: Uprising

12 Mar

A new brand of Eggplant Wizard in Kid Icarus: Uprising? Skip to 1:30 to see it.

It turns Pit into tempura, then eats him!

Kid Icarus Uprising Explanatory Video

23 Feb

Here is a video explaining, well, everything about Kid Icarus Uprising. And look, it’s Sakurai!  If you check at just after 6:40, you can see an Eggplant Wizard battle!

More Eggplant Wizards…

23 Feb

Uh-oh. They’re coming.

Go here for more info on the Eggplant Wizard!


I like the look of the trailer, as it has StarFox style chatting throughout it.

Lets hope for some new memes…

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