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Just a A Tiled Background GIF

1 Aug

I’ve been occupied with other things recently and so haven’t had time to update. One of those things has been playing Dragon Quest IX. I liked those backgrounds so much that I loaded PSE and made this. Enjoy. Let’s give credit: GrimDotGames for the sprites.¬†Feel free to use this, and tell me where you did!


Mario/Portal Warp Pipe

8 Jan

Warp pipes are great, don’t get me wrong. But they’re a little slow. Now you can fix that with the Aperture Science Quantum Tunnel Pipe! Transport in an instant!


But those of you with a degree in quantum physics (or if you’re a Portal fan) will know there is something wrong here.

(click to animate)

You come out upside down. Never mind. It was a good idea.

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