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I’m Still Here, and Gaming Once Again

7 Jul

Despite the two week break, I’m still going here at TinyNin. Good news! My cast is off. I do have a two-finger splint, but hey, eight fingers, I’m not complaining. This means my typing speed is up, and also, I can play games again! Back into Kid Icarus: Uprising now. Speaking of Kid Icarus, it’s another reason for the recent lack of posts. I’ve been busy on another project here, Orbitars. That’s kept me busy for a couple of weeks, and should continue to for another week. I’ll be back to normal speed soon.

Anyway, I’m in a good mood, so have a great day everyone!



WarioWare DIY Competition WIN!

1 May

YESSS! I won a competition!

Rmember that Design Challenge they had monthly in WarioWare DIY? You could submit microgames and if they were selected, anyone could download them. Well, if you have a European copy of the game (not sure of USA) it’s still running. And I won one! If you go into Theme Games before 25/5/2012, you can download my awesome Kid Icarus microgame. I have no idea how it was selected as a winner (maybe no-one plays anymore) but it’s okay anyway. You have to use A and B to shoot the reaper in the back without him seeing you. So if you have a copy of this somewhere under a rug/couch/manga collection/toilet seat, go get it before it’s too late.

Happy Easter!

8 Apr


Have a great Easter everyone! The site’s approaching its 6th month now, and I’d like to say thanks to my (very) small band of followers who keep me producing stuff. Have a great day you guys! Expect some less Kid Icarus, and more stuff like this, even some news, soon.

Kid Icarus Uprising NES Sprites Part Two

4 Apr

Here are reworked NES sprites, done in the original style, of  the Fiend’s Cauldron and a Mimicutie treasure chest.


(Feel free to use them, just please notify me by leaving a comment.) Part One of these posts is located here.

This is how I imagined the Fiend’s Cauldron would have looked like on the NES.

Pit (Kid Icarus) PaperCraft (Prototype!)

25 Mar

From a template here: http://porkchopsammiches.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=314

If you make one, be sure to give me a photo! (It will be put here!) Or just comment, and tell me how it could be improved. If you want to make more weapons for it, show me!

Kid Icarus AR Cards (Japanese)

25 Mar

Does anyone know whether the North American game can scan these? Hey, it can!

Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards

22 Mar

So far, I’ve seen several ways of distributing them, including:

Free pack of three at Club Nintendo


Through chocolate packages (Japan)

CoroCoro (4) (Japan)

Nintendo Power

-And lots of magazines pamphlets etc in Japan. A list here.

Hopefully that will be my last Kid Icarus post for a while. Now I’ll turn my attention to Spirit Camera!

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