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Japanese Mario Tennis Yoshi Hunt QR Codes

2 Jun

You may have noticed the Yoshi costume QR codes that unlock different coloured Yoshi costumes in-game. (I posted about them briefly back here.)Well, I’ve got three that I might as well share. They are Japanese so may not work in all regions (comment!). At the file select screen, press Up on the +pad and Start to scan. Oh, and by the way, sorry about the lack of posts recently, especially to all my new followers. It ain’t usually like this. Expect a lot more very soon.

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Mario Tennis Open

11 May

Nintendo of America continues the recent tradition of terrible live action Mario commercials (all featuring kids) with this one for Mario Tennis Open. What’s with the music? And is the camera going to swing around that jerkily in the actual game when you go for a power shot? Back to the news, a full player list has been confirmed. I’m surprised that a Luma and baby characters have been chosen. Check it out (in Japanese) here. It also appears that costumes will be unlockable through QR codes. Anyway, just a few more days for you to wait, and it will all be revealed.

Super Mario 3D Land Fail

15 Apr

In an earlier post I said that there was NO warp zone in World 1-2. Well there is. Just go to the same spot for the trick referenced in that earlier post, then jump onto a block and then off it  into the background. Run right, drop down, and you’ll warp to, uh, World 2. Not worth it.

Mario Tennis Open

4 Mar

Mario Tennis Open is coming out 20th of May. Apparently.

The characters I’ve seen so far are Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi, Peach and Daisy.

The controls are going to be a mix of touch, button and motion, too.

The game will also support StreetPass, but how?

In the shot above, it’s a 2 on 1 boss battle?

And finally a video.

Mario/Portal Warp Pipe

8 Jan

Warp pipes are great, don’t get me wrong. But they’re a little slow. Now you can fix that with the Aperture Science Quantum Tunnel Pipe! Transport in an instant!


But those of you with a degree in quantum physics (or if you’re a Portal fan) will know there is something wrong here.

(click to animate)

You come out upside down. Never mind. It was a good idea.

Super Mario 3D Land Trick

6 Jan

World 1-2 may not have a warp zone, but it does have infinite lives. Sprint through the first half to the checkpoint. Continue until you find the first Koopa Trooper. Jump on it, and facing the screen jump onto the shell. Leave the controls alone and you will continue to bounce. You may need to try a couple of times to get the angles right but it’s worth it. Once you get 1110 lives, your lives are replaced by crowns.

Have fun!

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