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Perpetual Testing Initiative (Level Editor) Released Free For Portal 2

11 May

Yeah, this is old news, but I thought I’d just point it out. It’s a really good piece of software (apart from long loads between testing and designing) that covers pretty much everything. And it’s free. Check it out on the Portal 2 home page.


Portal FreakyForm

14 Jan

It’s a turret!

Mario/Portal Warp Pipe

8 Jan

Warp pipes are great, don’t get me wrong. But they’re a little slow. Now you can fix that with the Aperture Science Quantum Tunnel Pipe! Transport in an instant!


But those of you with a degree in quantum physics (or if you’re a Portal fan) will know there is something wrong here.

(click to animate)

You come out upside down. Never mind. It was a good idea.

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