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Perpetual Testing Initiative (Level Editor) Released Free For Portal 2

11 May

Yeah, this is old news, but I thought I’d just point it out. It’s a really good piece of software (apart from long loads between testing and designing) that covers pretty much everything. And it’s free. Check it out on the Portal 2 home page.


3DS Retail Software Downloads Confirmed!

28 Apr

Nintendo has confirmed that retail games (including NSMB2 and Onitore) are going to be downloadable via the internet as well as available in stores. You will be able to download by paying through the eShop, or alternatively buy 16-digit exchange codes (like the ones on Nintendo Point cards) at retailers. One drawback is that you will be downloading onto the SD card. Looks like I’ll need an upgrade! Also, the 3DS isn’t the only thing to get this treatment. It has also been announced that the Wii U will be capable of this as of launch. Check here for more info on yesterday’s financial briefing.

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