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New Look

3 May

Hopefully in just a few weeks, the website’s gonna be looking different. I’ve done a quick tidy up, so just hold out. If things look half-finished, they are. The theme? 8-bit. Check the comments for progress.

UPDATE: Looks like I’m postponing this until I get some awesome ideas.


3DS Firmware Update

25 Apr

Announced only a few days ago (sorry for not covering Ninty Direct!), 3DS firmware v4.0 has been released. What’s in it? Folders on the home screen, and the ability to patch games (so long stupid Wuhu shortcut!). This may not seem like too much, but if it allows large amounts of DLC, hooray!! There’s also a new-look eShop, with two rows of icons on the home screen and other small tweaks. Strangely, I’m yet to receive ANY notice from Nintendo that informs me of the update. You just have to know. So now that you know, what are you waiting for? Update your system!

New Look!

22 Mar

The new Kid Icarus look is only here until the 24th. Hope you like it! Now that Kid Icarus: Uprising is out, expect a review in a week and a bit.

Literal TinyNinja

19 Feb

New widget on sidebar at right.

Take a look!   >

(This is from WarioWare DIY, in case you were wondering. It’s such a cool game!)

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